Change begins with us! These famous words once spoken by a great man.
Help us to break down this vicious circle of social handicaps and create an
environment for instilling values to our kids to blossom in. In Colchester there
has been no improvement in the social and structural development. St Theresa’s
Outreach would like to be the difference these young people need. Please help us
build this dream together creating a safe and prosperous life for the kids.


Donate to Elderly

Our Current Needs! Non Perishable Foods Cosmetics Should you…

Donate to Children

Our kids are often left without a meal and…

Donate to Learning

Our Sunday School requires books and crayons, educational toys…

Donate to Feeding

Funds are welcome on all of the the different…

Who We Are?

We are a small organisation founded by Charmane Waldner. We are a registered Non Profit Organisation. We are based in Port Elizabeth and operate in a small township outside of Port Elizabeth approximately 42 kms away. Our aim is to act as a catalyst for this Township Community bringing the needs of the children and elderly to the appropriate departments to obtain the help required.
We will operate a feeding scheme as well as a place to learn. Teaching Leadership skills in a Township where role models are you average day to day worker earning a living to buy his/her next alcoholic drink. An ideal task ahead is to create the environment where this vicious cycle is broken. Working with the teens who are unable to attend high School as this is situated in Port Elizabeth as a boarding School.
Teaching the kids Sunday School is an important aspect as some situations are hopeless or feels hopeless and kids need to fall back onto our Creator.

Events list

1 JUL 17
2pm - 6pm
Malabar Community Centre - Please support our worthy cause
08 APR 17
Please come and support this event

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