7 years old and blind

Zukhanye Lemani is a blind 7 year old boy blind from birth. We noticed that he could not speak in full sentences which I picked up on when visiting Colchester. Although extremely well taken care of Zukhanye lacked the interaction of other kids and spent most times with his mom. We contacted the correct institutions.

St. Theresa’s Outreach have now helped to place him at the school for the blind. His mother has relocated to Port Elizabeth so that he can travel to school everyday. Most times parents are stuck in situations where they do not know what to do.

St. Theresa’s helps them find viable solutions to their social dilemmas.

Zukhanye is now a registered pupil at the Khanyisa Blind School in Port Elizabeth.

Full Name: Zukhanye Lamani | Date of Birth: 05 FEB 2009