Building the Sunday School

The need for Sunday School was expressed by the Community as there are no places for kids to go. Parents and children alike are happy about the thought of a Sunday School. I initially wanted to place a container which I bought to start our project with. Unfortunately, the neighbour did not like the idea and we did not want to start our project on a bad note and decided to give up the idea.

The container was then taken back by our generous donations to transport and store container by a transport and logistics company. We then decided that a building was the safest way to go.

An Architect then drew up plans for us at a minimal cost and were were able to start and initiate the building. However, we are in desperate need of help either in the way of materials or funding or helping with the various stages of our project.

The building will cater for meals for the aged. Meals for the kids, women working with beads and other handcrafts, children Sunday School, ladies bible study. We are determined to find the right solutions for our ongoing project.

Manual labour went into the task of clearing the plot. Money spent at private costs. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. WE ask you to help us in any way you can.