Our First Christmas Party in Colchester Community Centre

We faced a challenge finding gifts, organising sponsors for food and drinks. We had a short time to prepare but, through the generosity of our sponsors managed to secure over 350 gifts for kids and over 400 burgers and drinks.

We started preparing on the night of Dec 15 with only a few people helping including the youth at Mater Dei Parish. We used the Hall for our facilities and with a very jovial mood set out our preparations. With only four people on the grill we braaied the burgers and a team of 6 inside team assembled the burgers with lettuce, tomato and sauce. We wanted it to be perfect. The kids lined up and very admirably collected their burger and drink. It was wonderful to see them so well behaved and excited. The day went off with loads of fun and entertainment from balloons, to watching Diablo games outside and playing ball. We had an amazing team, small but, well organised. Two families and some volunteers. It was the start of our Mission in Colchester the beginning of a long and meaningful journey.

We are desperately looking for more volunteers. If you are qualified in and skill and would like to help and assist us in planning and building. If you are able to assist with any possible uplifting skill. We have had many parties since the first Party and are thankful to our sponsors who make this possible.